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Covers That Sell!

    • Getting your book to stand out in the Amazon search results used to be hard, no longer!

    • The Book Bolt Studio lets you design beautiful book covers with just a few clicks without any design experience.

    • Our drag and drop KDP cover editor is packed with customization options and filters for your Amazon publishing needs.

    • Access more than 1200+ free fonts, more than 1 million royalty free images, and the ability to add patterns, eye popping graphics, and much more with the Studio!

Customized Interiors

  • Your book interior is what your customers will interact with and keep coming back for more.
  • It’s crucial that you create unique and creative interiors that will bring value to your buyers!
  • The Book Bolt Studio is packed with 100+ pre made interiors that are fully customizable to your needs.
  • Create journals, coloring pages, mazes, log books, trackers and more. Use them as is, or bump them up a notch with your creativity. The sky is the limit.

Enhanced Puzzles

  • Puzzle and activity books are HOT sellers, and are a breeze to create with the Book Bolt Studio

  • Stop offering generic puzzles to your buyers and start creating fully customized activities that your customers will love.

  • Create anything from Sudoku and mazes to children’s coloring book pages with a few clicks of your mouse.

  • Sudoku, Mazes, Word Search, Crossword, Hangman, Word Scramble, Connect The Dots and more!

Build Your Library

  • Building your KDP business doesn’t need to be difficult.
  • With the Book Bolt Studio, your designs are saved and accessible from anywhere, at ANY time!
  • Save your progress at any point, and access your complete library of projects from anywhere in the world from any computer.
  • Helping you expand your business through creativity is our #1 goal. We have you covered!
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With 100+ professional templates, images and years of experience in the publishing game, Book Bolt has you covered. Get started and bring your best ideas to life.

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Not JUST High Quality Design

Book Bolt has everything you need to start and flourish as a book publisher!

Every bestseller starts with GREAT research! Let Book Bolt guide you to profitable niches in underserved markets!
Our unique keyword tool grants you access to real time Amazon search volume so that you can place your book in front of the right audience and ahead of your competition.
If you are just starting and need some help, we have you covered. All Book Bolt members get access to our private training sessions and webinars where you can enjoy hours of content geared toward both newbies and pros that will help you scale your business and turn your book publishing endeavor into a successful business.
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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.



  • 3 Day Free Trial
  • 1000+ Fonts
  • Pre Made Interiors
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Customized Puzzle Interiors


  • 3 Day Free Trial
  • 1000+ Fonts
  • Pre Made Interiors
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Customized Puzzle Interiors
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Frequently asked questions

Is there a download limit?

Not at all! With the Book Bolt Studio, you can create and download as many book covers and book interiors as you would like.

Can I upload my own interiors?

Absolutely! The Book Bolt Studio allows you to take interiors that you have created elsewhere or purchased and upload them directly to the platform.

Can I customize a pre-made interior?

You sure can! Simply add the pre-made interior from the interior library, right click, and select “edit contents”.

Can I save a project and come back later?

The Book Bolt Studio will automatically save your work every few seconds, but you can save your project and come back at any time to continue your creative work.

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